Crusader Kings 2 unveils Holy Fury DLC

"God or the Sword?" asks Crusader Kings 2's latest DLC. Named Holy Fury, it's one of the medieval grand strategy 'em up's most sophisticated expansions—this time drawing inspiration from the Northern Crusaders of Catholic Europe against their Pagan neighbours. 

"In Holy Fury, Pagan rulers who reform their religion instead of converting will have a chance to design that new Reformed Paganism," explains Paradox—who unveiled Holy Fury on stage at PDXCON 2018 today. "A religion of peace or one of war? Will you be guided by the stars or bow to the whims of bloodthirsty gods? Who will lead this new church? Build a new creed on the ashes of the old ways."

Here's an announcement trailer:

And while it may not be immediately clear there, Holy Fury promises Pagan 'warrior lodges' that let players raid their way up the ranks, unlocking powerful allies as they go. It lets players leverage Legendary Bloodlines to their advantage; and allows Pias Catholics to become canonised, in turn passing their glory onto their descendants. Moreover, new succession laws alter how realms are unified. 

Crusader Kings 2: Holy Fury is due later this year, and asks for a $19.99 donation for its collection basket. Like all CK2 expansions, the DLC will land alongside a comprehensive free update available for all players. More information is expected in the coming weeks.