Crusader Kings 2 to conquer the next two years with more expansions

Crusader Kings 2 has been a sleeper hit for developer Paradox Interactive. The centuries-spanning kingdom-building strategy game isn't flashy or sexy, but the fantastic depth of gameplay available has turned devoted fans into fanatics, and uninitiated players are starting to buy in.

The franchise is starting to pick up steam after its most recent expansion, Crusader Kings 2: The Old Gods , at least according to a tweet from Paradox Interactive Studio Manager John Anderson . "Old Gods breaks all records!" he wrote , "And we just finished plans for 2 more years of expansions."

Two more years of expansion plans is a pretty long life for Crusader Kings 2, considering the base version of the game is already almost a year and a half old. The Old Gods is already the fifth DLC expansion, and that doesn't take into account the active modding community that seems to relish in recreating popular fictional kingdoms like Westeros and Tamriel .

T.J. recently explored why he's spent 260 hours taking over the world in Crusader Kings 2, and reading through his gameplay chronicles makes it easy to see how it's so very possible to get deeply lost inside this backstabbing political simulator.

Crusader Kings 2's most recent expansion, The Old Gods, is available now.