Crusader Kings 2 patch 1.10 prepares for The Old Gods

Crusader Kings 2's The Old Gods expansion launches tomorrow. In preparation, Paradox have deployed a huge patch list of tweaks, balance changes, fixes and new additions. And that means more funny-out-of-context patch notes. Last time, we got such gems as "tweaked deathdate of Mubashir, Duke of Mallorca, and made him eunuch." This time? Missing children restored, marriages fixed and inbreeding increased.

First though, the major changes:

  • Completely revised technology system

  • Revised buildings to fit the new tech system

  • Added a Raiding and Loot system

  • Revised the Religious Authority system, with Holy Sites for all religions

  • Major rivers, navigable by Norse Pagans

  • Norse pagans can prepare invasions

  • Pagans and Zoroastrians can take concubines

  • Multiplayer should now work between all three platforms (Windows, OSX and Linux)

  • Added new "The Mongols" bookmark set in 1220

  • Added the County and Duchy of Amalfi (merchant republic)

  • Added "Steppe" terrain

For the rest, head over to the full changelist forum thread , where the developers have also been answering questions about both the update and tomorrow's expansion.

As for the more ridiculous elements of Paradox's expanding medieval soap opera, here are some patch highlights:

  • Dead sons should no longer participate in Family Feuds

  • Character 455520 is no longer female

  • Fixes to the marriages of Frederick Barbarossa

  • Added the bastards of Henry Beauclerc

  • Added King John's missing children

  • Burgonde de Bachaumont is now properly female

  • Increased the chance of getting the inbred traits

That last one can probably be renamed "The Lannister Fix".

For more on The Old Gods, check out our in-depth Q&A from earlier this month.

Phil Savage

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