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Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion PC
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If you're looking for the safe code in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, then chances are you're working your way through the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim sidequests. The fourth Wonder tasks you with locating the "laughing safe", and you'll need to figure out the code to access what's inside and gain the reward.

You'll get clues on where to find the digits needed but these are pretty vague and you could easily find yourself having trouble figuring out the correct solution. So without further ado, here's how to find the Crisis Core Reunion safe code.

Crisis Core Reunion safe code: How to solve the Fourth Wonder of Nibelheim 

The boy introduces the Fourth Wonder of Nibelheim by talking about the laughing safe in Shinra Manor and Zack will need the safe code to continue. It's random each time too, so you'll need to figure it out for yourself. 

The safe is found in the room at the top of the stairs inside the manor and you can find the clues to the code on a scrap of paper on the floor near the window.

The safe code clue reads:

  • 1st digit: Knowledge overflowing
  • 2nd digit: Unwelcome faces
  • 3rd digit: Tasty reminders of home
  • 4th digit: Resting on all four feet

Now you need to look for doors that won't open inside the Shinra Manor, but give you the option to look through the keyhole.

The first digit is found by looking through the keyhole of the door on the same floor as the safe but in the opposite wing—you'll need to look for the books that aren't inside the bookshelf. The second clue refers to the keyhole at the bottom of the stairs and to your left; you're looking for enemies in here. The third digit's door is located right next to the room with the safe. Look for purple apples in here. Finally, the last digit is found by looking through the keyhole of the door opposite where you found the second digit, back on the ground floor, and you need to count the chairs.

Once you've got the four numbers, head back upstairs and enter the safe code. A cactuar will jump out and you'll be rewarded with a Vital Slash materia.

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