Creative Assembly gives away new Total War: Rome II DLC for a week

Even before Total War: Rome II launched, its developer promised downloadable content in both paid and free forms . With the Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack, Creative Assembly will hit both those promises.

The new pack includes three playable factions with a nomadic feel: the Roxolani, the Massagetae, and the Royal Scythians. The DLC also includes new buildings, building chains, and technology trees, as well as new units, both unique and available for mercenary use. Even better: if you download the DLC pack by Oct. 29, you can skip the normal £5.99/$7.99 fee and get the pack for free.

Total War: Rome II didn't exactly launch smoothly . Login issues and game-crashing bugs hampered what we thought was an otherwise superb strategy game . One can surmise that Creative Assembly is offering this DLC for free for a week as a way to thank fans for sticking through those launch issues.

Check out the trailer for the Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack below.

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