Cozy fishing horror Dredge gets some chilling DLC next month

Dredge is easily one of my favourite games of 2023—and considering how many bangers have released this year, that's a pretty big deal. Its sinister blend of fishing and Eldritch horror had me hooked, and next month I'll be able to experience even more thanks to its Pale Reach DLC.

It'll be taking things to cooler waters, with a new icy landscape to sail and explore. The Pale Reach introduces a new side story, where "you'll retrace the steps of the last crew that came before you and unearth a story of bitter betrayal." I really enjoyed the mystery of Dredge's base game, so I'll definitely be diving into what its DLC offers.

Outside of a new story, The Pale Reach also has new equipment, including a boat add-on to rip and tear your way through floating ice blocks that obstruct your path, as well as 11 new fish and crab species to angle. You'll even be able to put all of that ice to good use, with purchasable ice blocks that'll keep your catches fresh for longer, helping to retain their value before you find a merchant.

All the spooks are still there too, with a short trailer showing some dangers old and new lurking in the waters and tucked underneath the snowy plains. 

The Pale Reach is releasing on November 16th, and you can wishlist it over on Steam now. There's no price yet, but with the base game lingering around the $25 mark, you shouldn't expect to pay too much.  

Mollie Taylor
Features Producer

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