Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets Arms Race mode and Aztec

Counter-Strike Global Offensive 3

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta keeps getting bigger. The latest patch has added a new Arms Race mode playable on Shoots and Baggage. In Arms Race, every player starts with the same weapon, and gains a new one with every kill. The first player to get a kill with the final weapon, the knife, wins the round. Dead players respawn immediately and the round time is extended to give players time to murder their way through CS:GO's arsenal.

The patch adds a few new weapons, too, including the Scar 20, an auto-sniper for Counter-Terrorists, the G3SG1, an automatic sniper rifle for Terrorists, and the Zeus x27, a one shot insta-kill taser available to both teams in casual mode.

If you're looking for something less wild, the classic Aztec has been added to the map rotations. Here are the patch notes in full from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive site .


  • Added Arms Race maps – Shoots and Baggage

  • Added Aztec to Classic maps


  • Arsenal Arms Race game mode is a single extended round with instant respawn. All players start with the same weapon and get a new one each time they kill an enemy. The progression of unlocked weapons ends with the knife. The first player to get a kill with every weapon wins the match.

  • Added 'Find A Game' to the Play options menu screen. Find A Game allows you to join an online game of a specific type. This update offers Arsenal Arms Race and Classic Competitive game modes. The map cycle groups include:

    • Classic Maps

    • Arms Race Maps

Added new weapons:

  • Scar 20 – CT only auto-sniper.

  • G3SG1 – Terrorist only auto-sniper.

  • Zeus x27 – Casual Mode only weapon available to both teams.

  • Adjustments have been made to increase the base accuracy of all weapons.

  • Jump and land penalties have been decreased, and the rate of stamina gain has been increased.

  • Bot difficulty has been tuned.

  • HE grenade damage has been adjusted per pro feedback.


  • Added two new player skins:

    • Phoenix Faction

    • GIGN


  • Death notice order reversed.

  • Updated Italy mini map image.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the keyboard + mouse options screen where changes were resetting.

  • Fixed the consecutive loss bonus persisting through halftime. Solves the problem of teams receiving extra cash early in the second round of the match.

  • Fixed end match scoreboard saying it was a tie in Arsenal Mode.

  • Fixed a bug where penetrating shots were doing full damage after the penetration.

  • Fixed a bug where the desired distance required to defuse the bomb wasn't being used.

  • Fix for the HUD alert panel coming up incorrectly.

  • Fixed for bots not being able to defuse bomb.

  • Fix for bug in Demolition mode where players would start the first round of the second half stuck in level geometry.

  • Fix for radio message font appearing quite large at higher resolutions.

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