Cossacks 3 gets new mission in free holiday-themed update

Alongside GOG's Goodbuy 2016 sale, CDP Red's digital distribution platform has revealed 17th century real-time strategy affair Cossacks 3 is in line for a Christmas-inspired update. 

Developed by GSC Game World—they of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fame—Cossacks 3 is a remake of the 2001 original whose battles span Europe in the 1600s and 1700s. Its free festive update asks that you temporarily abandon slaughtering soldiers and razing enemy settlements so as to enjoy its new missions, map add-ons and UI adjustments. 

"You've been (very) naughty. Time to be nice," reads the announcement post. "As it happens, 17th century Santa just dropped us a neat gift for the occasion. Santa's reindeer are in peril and you're the only one who can rescue them and put Christmas back on track. 

"Look out for christmas trees in your map and for peasants holding holiday-colored bags. The main menu, UI, and some in-game tweaks give the game a more festive and snowy ambiance to put you right in the mood."

Cossacks 3 is out now and costs £14.99/$19.99 from the Humble Store. Here's another look at its launch trailer:

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