Corsair launching $10,000 Call of Duty 4 tournament, sign ups now open

Call of Duty 4

Reckon you could no-scope a man at thirty metres before he even has time to take aim? Then point your trigger finger towards the sign up page for Corsair's upcoming Call of Duty 4 tournament and get ready to kill men for money. Corsair are getting into keyboards and mice , and they've put together the $10,000 Vengeance Cup to put their new gear through its paces. You can register a spot for your team on the Vengeance Cup website now.

256 teams will enter the group stage on October 17 and the very best will fight through to the finals on Monday November 21. The top team will scoop a cool $6,000 and prizes of $3000 and $1000 will be awarded to the runners up. You have until Friday October 7 to get a team together and grab a spot. If you're tempted but not convinced, consider the fact that prizes will be dished out as wads of cold, hard cash.

Tom Senior

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