Corsair and Asus ROG collaborate on themed memory kit

While MSI and G.Skill are busying chasing record high memory overclocks using liquid nitrogen, Corsair and Asus ROG are pimping new DDR4 modules fitted with themed Republic of Gamers red and black brushed aluminum heatspreaders.

Corsair's new Platinum ROG Edition DDR4 memory  (CMD16GX4M4B3200C16-ROG)  is specifically intended for select Asus ROG motherboards complete with a custom ROG XMP 2.0 memory profile that's only accessible on supported boards. Those include:

  • Asus ROG Maximus VIII Formula
  • Asus Maximus VIII Hero
  • Asus ROG Maximus VIII Extreme/Assembly
  • Asus ROG Maximus VIII Hero Alpha
  • Asus Maximus VIII Impact
  • Asus Maximus VIII Extreme
  • Asus Maximus VIII Ranger
  • Asus Maximus VIII Gene

All of the above fall under the ROG umbrella, though oddly enough, Asus doesn't always include the "ROG" moniker in the product name.

Corsair's new RAM is a 16GB (4x4GB) kit clocked at 3,200MHz with 16-18-18-36 timings. It requires 1.35V. If choosing to run it at DDR4-2133, you can tighten the timings to 15-15-15-36 and give it a little less voltage (1.2V).

Not many people are likely to buy this memory kit with the intent of underclocking it, even for tighter timings. If anything, they may try to overclock it, and to that end the custom ROG XMP 2.0 profile contains settings for running the RAM at 3,300MHz.

"Working closely with the Asus ROG team has allowed Corsair to push the performance levels of the Dominator Platinum ROG Edition even higher," said Chun Ye, Product Manager for Corsair. "Now, Asus ROG Motherboard users have the option of a premium memory kit that not only matches their motherboard in terms of looks and design, but also performs even faster with just a single BIOS setting, thanks to the custom ROG XMP 2.0 profile."

Corsair's Dominator Platinum line uses "carefully screened ICs" and a 10-layer PCB with patterned DHX cooling technology.

The new memory is available now for $190 MSRP.

Paul Lilly

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