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Congressman's campaign funds spent on Steam

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We all fall victim to a Steam Sale (opens in new tab) now and again, factoring the money behind the sofa cushions into justifying one more purchase. We're not often in a position to fund our habit with election campaign funds, however. That's why the Federal Election Commission is questioning congressman Duncan Hunter, whose credit card was found to have purchased no fewer than 68 Steam games at a cost of $1,302.

In fairness, each purchase is marked "to be paid back", but as The San Diego Union-Tribune reports (opens in new tab), that doesn't appear to have happened yet.

Hunter's spokesperson attributes one purchase to his teenage son. The rest, he claims, were unauthorised charges that he is trying to recover, making reimbursement unnecessary. That could explain the extraordinary number of games purchased in a three-month period. I'd have struggled to get through one.

The full FEC letter (opens in new tab) is publicly available, and Hunter has until May 9 to respond formally.