Confederate Express hits Kickstarter to fund a 2D-sprite animated RPG

Confederate Express , a just-announced tactical RPG from indie developer Kilobite , will feature all of my favorite things: permadeath, zombies and 2D sprite graphics. It is almost completely funded after just a week on Kickstarter thanks to some very impressive art and a seriously rocking trailer soundtrack.

Confederate Express puts you in the ever-faithful shoes of the post-apocalyptic delivery man, like Futurama and The Postman mixed with a dose of The Walking Dead . “The main objective of the game is to deliver a package from point a to point b,” the game description reads, “and you are presented with multiple options of deliverable goods, so choose carefully: if you bit more than your crew can chew, it may result in an inevitable permadeath, forcing you to start over.”

The game also uses a homebrewed 2D lighting engine that produces some great results without using any 3D rendering. The revamping of iconic 2D-sprite animation is, in my opinion, a worthy endeavor all on its own.

Before you ask, the song in the trailer is Anthem by Adhesive Wombat . Higher levels of Kickstarter pledges include a copy of the soundtrack, and I hope there's more electro-funk goodness in the finished game. Confederate Express is aiming for a June 2014 release, but the team still has three weeks left to raise as much food-and-rent money as it can.