Concursion demo offers playable piece of Puuba's strange genre mashup

Patches of altered reality drift in bubbles and waves across Concursion's environments, and each reality offers you a window into a different game. One moment you're a space-suited adventurer in a sidescrolling blaster, the next you can fall down a pit into a top-down Zelda-esque adventure. Moments later you might find yourself playing a space shooter, or as a ninja in a forest full of enemies.

Is it confusing? A little. Is it fun? You can find out for yourself now, if you like, with Concursion's new playable demo , which offers a handful of levels to try. Plug in a controller before starting the demo, if you have one, and watch out for sudden gravity shifts as you sail across realities.

If you enjoy it, Concursion is looking for thumbs-up on Greenlight . Here's the latest trailer, so you can see what you're getting into.

Tom Senior

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