Conan Exiles gets fresh batch of 360° screens

Besides its reveal in January, a solitary developer diary one month on, and a short glimpse of in-game footage five months ago, information on the soon-to-hit-Early-Access survival MMO Conan Exiles has been sparse. Developer Funcom hopes to change that with a load of new screens—the first of many updates planned between now and January. 

"After the first pre-alpha gameplay trailer in June we received a lot of feedback from the community about the game’s graphics," reads an update post on the game's newly launched dev blog. "Some of you liked how it looked, others didn’t. Several people asked if, and how, the look of the game would improve during development. There have been significant changes to Conan Exiles in the past few months. Graphical fidelity and art direction has been updated, points of interest have been added to the environment, and the game world feels much more vibrant now."

Admittedly, I was among those who felt underwhelmed by what was shown off in June, however the following screens certainly look prettier. I'll save my judgement for the next trailer, mind, but it's always good to see developers responding to their communities. A similar batch of screens can be viewed in 360°, courtesy of Nvidia's Ansel tech, by heading this way

No exact date for now, but Conan Exiles is due to launch on Steam's Early Access programme at some point in January, 2017.