Conan Exiles details 'phase two' of early access plan, new systems, map features

Ahead of its incoming Frozen North expansion next week, Conan Exiles has outlined its plans for the coming months of early access. 

Besides introducing a new complimentary area—that almost doubles the current game in size—the Frozen North update brings with it a new temperature system that in turn affects, and in essence dictates, how you approach survival. A new journey system that offers non-essential side ventures is also central to the expansion—so too is the exploration system which rewards nomadic players for exploring the game world.    

Here's creative director Joel Bylos with more on that:

As well as the additional 'Dye System' customisation options mentioned by Bylos around the 4.05 mark above, Funcom has improved server and client performance "across the board". To this end, the game now casts a wider net with regards to its official server types—now offering PvE Fast, PvE Regular, PvP Fast and PvP Regular, the speed of which is tied to progression. 

"I am very proud of the team and the work they have done so far in Early Access," says Bylos in a statement. "They have really been working their arses off fixing bugs, squashing exploits, improving core features, and they have also added entire new features and content such as siege warfare, climbing, dungeons, and much more. 

They have also built this entire expansion update which makes the game bigger and more chock full of features than ever before. We’re certainly not done and we still have a long way to go until full launch, but we are very proud of what Conan Exiles is today and we are very grateful for all the support, feedback, and input we have received from our community thus far."

Conan Exiles' Frozen North expansion is due August 16.