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Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies trailers reintroduce you to familiar forces

Chances are you already know about the two forces at the centre of Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies. Germany and the US previously fought out their differences in the first Company of Heroes, in 90% of all FPS games made before 2007, and in real-life history. If you do need a refresher, watching two two-minute trailers probably isn't going to help. If, instead, you just need to see some tanks and explosions, they're practically perfect.

The Western Front Armies is a standalone multiplayer expansion, adding the two above forces, and their weapons, infantry, vehicles and upgrades. It will also introduce new maps that will be made available to owners of the original CoH2, ensuring that multiplayer is compatible across the two titles. The expansion is due out on June 24th, and will cost £15/$20/AU$29.95.

Phil Savage
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