Command "genetic heroes" in Darkspore

darkspore thumb

EA have announced Darkspore. What the hell is Darkspore? It's an action game where you play with five of the creature creator monsters, do a little bit of the genetic min-maxing from the first game, and you don't have to spend countless yawnsome hours bobbling around in space. This blog post is now a trailer.

The titular Darkspore is your nemesis in what Maxis are calling an "online action roleplaying game." Whether it's online in the way its predecessor was, in that bits and bobs of your friends' games would populate your own universe, or if you'll actually be screaming down a microphone at people, remains to be seen. You'll be upgrading five 'genetic heroes' with all sorts of darwinian kneecaps and ankle tubes to give them a combat advantage, and given that they keep saying "action RPG," there might even be a horde-stomping, gene-looting side to it.

Aaaaaaaand screens .

Basically, Spore now has a decent design concept - although I'd rather they'd kept with the civilisation thing and just made it more chaotic and fun. What do you think?