Come watch us stream Dying Light 2 on the PC Gamer Twitch channel

Dying Light 2 boss zombie
(Image credit: Techland)

The PC Gamer Twitch channel has been gathering dust for far too long. We've used it here and there for our Geralt hot tub streams and for great events like the PC Gaming Show, but we're going to be using it far more in the very near future. Like today.

I'm going to be livestreaming the first section of Dying Light 2: Stay Human on Twitch today for your viewing pleasure. We're going to be starting fresh so there won't be any spoilers as we explore the brand new zombie apocalypse from Techland. 

If you've missed the premise of Dying Light 2, here's a quick rundown of events: You play Aiden, a man on a mission to find his sister in the last standing city, Villedor. The world has crumbled after an even worse zombie virus engineered by scientists has ripped through the world's population and it's becoming increasingly difficult to, well, Stay Human. Kind of the name of the game, right?

In case you've missed our review of Dying Light 2, we thought the game was great. Though the story isn't anything to write home about, the actual environment and parkour elements of the game make a great sandbox adventure. Oh and there are a lot of opportunities to double kick enemies off of buildings which is the dream, isn't it? 

So if you want to see the first hour or so of the game in action, you should come on by to the PC Gamer Twitch channel at 3:30 pm GMT/10:30 am EST to watch us get to grips with Dying Light 2. A bit of warning: if there are jump scares I will scream. At least that'll be amusing right? 

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