Coffee-powered ghost story Necrobarista has a release date

A couple of years ago at PAX Australia I had a chance to play a demo of Necrobarista, a visual novel about serving coffee, meeting ghosts, and playing with knives. The setting is a cafe called the Terminal, a magic coffee shop that serves both the living and the dead. 

After five years of development, most of which I assume went into those slick animations as seen in the new trailer above, Necrobarista will finally be released this year, either on August 8 or August 9 depending which part of the world you're in (check your local version of its Steam page to find out for sure). 

Necrobarista's cool art, bizarre story, and strong sense of place made it stand out back when I played that demo. Here's hoping the final thing lives up to it.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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