Cliff Bleszinski will address Boss Key failures in new book

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Despite glowing reviews (opens in new tab), LawBreakers failed to sustain a playerbase. Its free-to-play Early Access follow-up Radical Heights (opens in new tab) was an unsuccessful roll of the dice—one which led Cliff Bleszinski to shutter Boss Key Productions (opens in new tab) entirely. Now, Bleszinski is writing a book which will address the studio's failures. 

Alongside chapters that explore the death of his father, his relationship with his wife, and the end of his first marriage, Bleszinski will talk about his time at the helm of Boss Key and working at Epic Games.

"I haven't done any interviews since Boss Key imploded because I needed to tell it in my own words, in my book," said Bleszinski via Twitter (opens in new tab). "Did that today. Felt good, like that chapter in my life was finally closed."

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When asked when the book will be released, Bleszinski replied (opens in new tab) to one Twitter user saying: "When. It's. Done."

As reported by Andy earlier this year, LawBreakers is closing on September 14 (opens in new tab) and is free-to-play till then. Despite this, Evan reckons it's one of the most underrated games on PC (opens in new tab)

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