Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 4 (1868 A.D. to 1951 A.D.)

Rain of fire

1948 A.D.: A great castle is built in Stockholm to house the premier and members of parliament. From its steps, the premier gives a speech outlining his 10 Year Plan to revolutionize the less-developed areas of the NDU.

Yet another Wonder, Neuschwanstein, will give me tons of gold, happiness, and culture. I've also picked up the Planned Economy policy, which gives me Science for every factory I've built. I was already outpacing the rest of the word, and this has caused my science output to SOAR, an increase of about 17% from what it was before.

January, 1949 A.D.: The Firestorm Invasion commences at dawn on New Year's Day. NDU artillery hit Elis and Mytilene simultaneously, while infantry armed with the superior SV-42 rifles open fire on Greek troops. The Celts and Russians refuse to join the unilateral invasion.

In response, Greek special forces launch surgical strikes targeting NDU artillery. The venerable 1st Artillery is wiped out, and the 2nd Artillery is forced to fall back to Tunsberg.

This is a crushing early loss, as pounding Greece's weak border cities with artillery was the "Firestorm" part of "Operation Firestorm." Now I'm just left with "Operation New Name Pending," but the invasion is far from over.

July, 1949 A.D.: NDU submarines sink the Greek fleet outside the port town of Mytilene. Infantry units advance on the city, while Greek forces swing around the Northern flank of the Swedish armies from Salzburg. They establish a line of heavy machine gun nests between Elis and Sazlburg.

Back at home, a Great Scientist in Uppsala makes significant advances toward splitting the atom.

I expended a Great Scientist for an immediate science boost, since I already have four or five academies and we're coming up on the "late game." It wasn't quite enough to finish my research on Atomic Theory, but it did reduce the remaining time to one turn.