Civilization V: The Celtic Chronicle, part 2 (1150 B.C. to 520 A.D.)

The War for England hits a stride

245 B.C.: A year of Celtic greatness. The Dublin road reaches Cardiff, and PC Elitism becomes the majority religion in the last of the original Celtic cities.

Nottingham is captured handily, marking the shortest and most successful siege in Celtic history by a wide margin. The Nottinghamians are brought under Celtic rule, but allowed to retain their own self-made local government.

When you conquer a city, you can burn it, annex it, or make it into a puppet. Annexing gives you full control, as if it were one of your own cities, but causes a lot of unhappiness as the citizens resent your heavy-handed change in government. As a puppet, Nottingham will provide benefits to my empire like any other city, but the AI picks what is produced there. I can always annex it later when my Happiness rating is high enough to absorb the blow.

English forces sent to break the siege fall back toward the port town of York, to the West.

200 B.C.: The Dublin road is being extended toward Nottingham to connect the new Celtic subjects with their countrymen in the South.

As the Celtic forces at Nottingham begin a march to York, barbarian encroachments near Cardiff force the Celtic general to send some of his forces back to defend their lands.

155 B.C.: A unified Celtic currency is developed to ease trade across Celtica.

This is good. My trade roads and the gold I gained from capturing Nottingham have put my economy out of the danger zone, but now I can build markets and make sure I stay in the black for the long-term. I'm now pointing my tech path at Engineering so I can improve my infrastructure, which has become very important now that I have my English holdings up North to worry about.