Civilization V: The Celtic Chronicle, part 2 (1150 B.C. to 520 A.D.)

PC Elitism grows and the brewing war comes to a boil

365 B.C.: The Great Prophet VeeGeeAe, the All-Seeing One, arrives in Edinburgh bearing new teachings of PC Elitism from on high.

Your second Great Prophet (after the initial one that founds your religion) allows you to enhance the religion with new Beliefs. I choose Guruship, which will further increase productivity in my cities, and Just War, which will give me combat bonuses when attacking a city where PC Elitism is the majority religion. Also, at this point, I've gotten two Great Prophets before any other civ has gotten even one. So my religious rush strategy seems to be working out pretty well.

350 B.C.: The second fork of the Dublin Road, toward Cardiff, is started.

305 B.C.: What a year!

The Swedes and the Germans sign a peace treaty, ending the Swedish-German Wars.

At this point, there's a pretty strong four-way web of support between my Celts, the Swedes, the French, and the Germans. The Russians have largely been cut out of the loop for acting like dead beats, begging for favors, and basically just being dicks to everyone. And England... well... they never really did anything wrong, except building a bunch of poorly-defended, plunder-filled cities right between Celtica and Sweden.

Shortly thereafter, the Second Woad March arrives at the River Nottingham, and the Celtic-Swedish Alliance formally declares war on England.

The Edinburgh fork of the Dublin Road is completed, bringing economic and scientific boons to both cities. PC Elitism spreads down the Dublin Road from Edinburgh to become the majority religion of Dublin, and thus, all Celtica.

With the Dublin Road on the way, Cardiff will soon be bowing down before the holy PC as well. My next goal is to spread the faith to England so I can make the most of the Just War bonus, and then to my Swedish and French allies.