Civilization V: The Celtic Chronicle, part 2 (1150 B.C. to 520 A.D.)

Celtic comeback

625 B.C.: Workers in Dublin begin building the Dublin Road, the first permanent trade road in Celtica, to connect Dublin and Edinburgh.

It can't get there soon enough. The moment the two cities are linked, I'll start gaining gold and Science every turn--both of which are badly needed at the moment.

Later that year, a French embassy is established in Edinburgh, beginning to bury the remnants of the conflict that ended almost 300 years earlier.

I am very surprised how quickly I went from total war with the French to them being one of my more reliable friends on the map. It's beginning to look as if the next major war will be the Celts and the French against the Russians and the English. Germany, currently at war with Sweden, are still friends with the Russians as well. If the Germans side with them over us, our side might petition the Swedes to get involved. The geopolitical landscape has almost completely changed from what it was at the end of the last era.

600 B.C.: The seaside town of Cardiff is founded on First Blood Bay, near the historic site of the first Celtic victory over barbarian marauders.

My aim here was pretty clear: establish a port city so I don't get caught with my pants down around my sea legs once naval gameplay becomes important... which is sure to be pretty soon. I also picked a spot just out of arrowshot of the English border, giving me a stronger foothold to stage attacks from.

500 B.C.: The Celtic Council of Freemen convenes at Midsummer. The country is bankrupt. Beggars live in destitution in the streets of Edinburgh, and farmers who rely on selling their extra crops to buy needed items find that there is no gold to be had in the markets. For the sake of the tribes, for the sake of their families, a successful raid of neighboring England may be the only hope. The decision is nearly unanimous, and a second Woad March is called. This time, to the North... to the chill, sparse lands of the English.