Civilization V: The Celtic Chronicle, part 2 (1150 B.C. to 520 A.D.)

Guild Wars Peace

445 A.D.: France, Sweden, and the Celtic Republic are all united under mutual declarations of friendship.

This is very good news. The Russians and the Germans are still denouncing me, but with England out of the picture, it is now three against two should the continent come to war again.

The road from York to Nottingham is completed. The population of Nottingham finally becomes majority PC Elitist.

The second Swedish-German war ends.

505 A.D.: Celtic missionaries arrive at the desert metropolis and capital of Sweden, Stockholm. They begin preaching the word of PC Elitism to the Swedes.

520 A.D.: The Celtic Republic develops several large guilds out of the growing middle class to manage their economy. In time, prominent guild leaders become almost as influential as senators.

Researching guilds has set me up for an economic boom, which should help out a lot considering how poor I've been throughout the last several centuries. It also advances me to the Medieval Era, and ends this chapter of the chronicle.

A new era has dawned once again. The victorious Celtic Republic is at peace, working tirelessly to improve the lives of both its native founders and its new English subjects, united under the doctrines of PC Elitism. A strong alliance is forming between the Celts, the Swedes, and the French. Meanwhile, the outnumbered Germans and Russians eye the lands of their more successful neighbors greedily.

It is a sword age! A castle age! Whatever transpires next will surely form the fabric of lore and legend long after it has been buried by the dust of time! Check back next week to see the legend unfold!