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Citizens of Earth picked up by Atlus, coming to a planet near you this September

Citizens of Earth

We previewed the seemingly pretty cromulant Citizens of Earth way back in January 2013 , but the short version is that it's an Earthbound-ish indie RPG that puts you in the role of Vice President of the World, a position currently held by Noel Edmonds I believe. It's obviously not the usual elvey prophecy-laden fantasy affair, so it was sad to see its Kickstarter campaign fall so short of its admittedly rather steep target back in October. Thankfully, Atlus have stepped in and offered to publish the game (they're doing a similar thing with the new Tex Murphy, although that game did reach its KS target). Citizens of Earth is now on track for a September release, and has a new, Atlus-emblazoned video as proof. See it with your own eyes after the break.

Those weren't the most illuminating 44 seconds of my life, so here's an old, more involved gameplay demo so you can get a feel for Citizens' earthy world yourself. Citizens of Earth will be out this September, according to the above trailer, and a Steam release has already been confirmed. (Ta, Eurogamer .)