Cities: Skylines patch brings European style buildings


As themes go, "European" is a pretty broad category—encompassing centuries of history and architecture across multiple countries. Nevertheless, a new update for Cities: Skylines does attempt to make everything look less gosh-darn American. Patch 1.1.0—or European Theme, as it's also known—brings 72 new European buildings, and the ability for these buildings to form into terraces.

These buildings are part of a new European biome, meaning they'll only appear if you start a city on that map theme.

Also in 1.1.0, tunnels; a feature that Colossal Order say was "one of the community’s most requested features". In addition, the asset editor has been expanded and now allows for the import of custom vehicles.

Here are the update's main additions and features:

  • New: European theme added
  • New: 72 European buildings in the European theme
  • New: Support for corner and adjacent buildings in the European theme
  • New: 3 maps added with European theme (Cliffside Bay, Foggy Hills and Grand River)
  • New: Tunnels for roads and rail added
  • New: Metro tunnels can be built at different levels
  • Options: V sync option added
  • Options: Invert Y mouse axis added

The full thing is much broader in its scope, and you can see the complete changelist over at the Paradox forums. Patch 1.1.0 is out now.

Skylines 1

Skylines 2

Skylines 3

Skylines 4

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