Cities: Skylines, Orwell, Darksiders join EA's Origin Access

Here's what happens when four players try to run one town in Cities: Skylines. It ain't pretty. In fact it's so ugly, I reckon you're better going it alone—which you can now do via EA's Origin Access. The subscription service has now opened its doors to Colossal Order's city-builder, and seven other games. 

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition also joins Origin, alongside Rime, Orwell: Ignorance is Strength, Mad Games Tycoon, Jotun Valhalla Edition, Ghost 1.0 and Crashlands. 

Besides Cities, my favourites there are probably Orwell and Jotun. Phil billed the former a "novel perspective on totalitarian surveillance", and a success despite its flaws. Here's an excerpt from his 78-scored review:    

[Orwell] lets you watch over a spiralling conspiratorial thriller, and throws in enough twists and surprises to keep things interesting. It's an enjoyable way to interact with a world—the voyeurism creating a distinct, enjoyable power dynamic that I refuse to self-reflect on any further. It's not at all subtle—it's called Orwell, after all—but it's a well told mystery framed by a captivating storytelling device. 

And here's an interview between ex-PC Gamer assistant editor/current professional turncoat Tom Marks and Jotun's creative director William Dubé.

More information on EA's Origin Access subscription service, including how to sign up if you're into it, lives here