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Cities: Skylines, Orwell, Darksiders join EA's Origin Access

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Here's what happens when four players try to run one town in Cities: Skylines (opens in new tab). It ain't pretty. In fact it's so ugly, I reckon you're better going it alone—which you can now do via EA's Origin Access. The subscription service has now opened its doors (opens in new tab) to Colossal Order's city-builder, and seven other games. 

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition also joins Origin, alongside Rime, Orwell: Ignorance is Strength, Mad Games Tycoon, Jotun Valhalla Edition, Ghost 1.0 and Crashlands. 

Besides Cities, my favourites there are probably Orwell and Jotun. Phil billed the former a "novel perspective on totalitarian surveillance", and a success despite its flaws. Here's an excerpt from his 78-scored review (opens in new tab):    

[Orwell] lets you watch over a spiralling conspiratorial thriller, and throws in enough twists and surprises to keep things interesting. It's an enjoyable way to interact with a world—the voyeurism creating a distinct, enjoyable power dynamic that I refuse to self-reflect on any further. It's not at all subtle—it's called Orwell, after all—but it's a well told mystery framed by a captivating storytelling device. 

And here's an interview (opens in new tab) between ex-PC Gamer assistant editor/current professional turncoat Tom Marks and Jotun's creative director William Dubé.

More information on EA's Origin Access subscription service, including how to sign up if you're into it, lives here (opens in new tab)