Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters release date set for next week

Cities: Skylines' long-awaited Natural Disasters DLC now has a release date. 

As of November 29 you'll be able to raise your own custom-crafted cities from the ground up, before razing them from the sky down by way of eight distinct disaster options. That's tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, forest fires, sinkholes, thunder and lightning storms, tornadoes, and, as you might've spotted throughout the forthcoming add-on's marketing campaign, meteor showers.

The Natural Disasters expansion costs £10.99/$14.99, however a coinciding update provides all players with a Steam Workshop-based scenario editor that lets players create and share bespoke set pieces with one another. This feature also ties into the Natural Disasters expansion.

"Previously we have had just a sandbox mode, but the scenario editor makes it so the players can create scenarios that have actual goals—they have winning conditions, losing conditions," explains the dev diary above. "Natural Disasters is aimed at the people who need more challenge."

Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters is due November 29. Until then, Chris' reflections on his own failed city building skills are sure to raise a smile. "To all my tiny, unhappy citizens: I am deeply sorry", reads the article's strapline—setting a pretty explicit tone from thereon.