Cities: Skylines is 75 percent off this weekend

Following in the footsteps of Capcom and Stardock’s recent ‘Publisher Weekends’ on Steam, Paradox Interactive is offering deals on a selection of its back catalogue over the next few days. 

City-builder Cities: Skylines is likely the pick of the bunch, selling at 75 percent off its normal price for just £5.74/$7.49. Since its release last year, the SimCity-a-like (although distinctly better than Maxis’ 2013 iteration) and PC Gamer Community Champion 2015 has enjoyed a host of nifty expansions, intuitive mods, and is even being used by real life Swedish city planners to develop a new city district

The space-set grand strategy-meets-4X Stellaris has a 20 percent discount, selling at £27.99/$31.99, while the publisher’s latest slant on the Second World War—Hearts of Iron 4—is going for £31.49/$35.99. The latter’s forerunner, although now slightly dated, is just £1.99/$2.49 over the weekend, as is the original Magika. Fan Favourite Crusader Kings 2 receives a 75 percent cut and costs £7.49/$9.99.

The list of deals in its entirety can be viewed over here, however my own star pick from that lot is the wonderful Pillars of Eternity which, at 60 percent off, is going for £13.99/$17.99.

The Paradox Publisher Weekend Steam sale runs from right now until Monday, September 5 at 10am PT/6pm BST and everything else in between.