Cities: Skylines is 75 percent off for a limited time

Cities: Skyline is Paradox and Colossal Order's "modern take on the classic city building simulation" that has by all means eclipsed the once dominant SimCity series. It enjoys a thriving modding community, boasts a wealth of neat official updates—not least its most recent Natural Disasters expansion—and is even being used to help build a real-life city district in Sweden. It's also going for less than a tenner until Friday, February 10. 

As part of Steam's recurring Midweek Madness sale, Cities: Skylines is subject to a limited time 75 percent discount, dropping its Deluxe Edition price tag to £7.49/$9.99. (With a 66 percent reduction, its standard edition is going for £7.81/$10.19.) 

Complimentary of its AI, although not afraid to call out its handful of flaws, Chris scored Cities a healthy 86 in his 2015 review. Here's an excerpt from that that: 

"At times, Skylines is intensely satisfying, such as when solving a troublesome traffic snarl or when all the buildings in a district begin leveling up because you've provided the right combination of services and amenities. It's often soothing, like when flying the free camera around or peering down at the tiny NPCs living in your creation. 

"It can also be terrifically tense, like when you realize your industrial zone has poisoned the groundwater of a residential area or when a power grid gets overloaded and you've got no money to add a new plant. The citizens of Skylines are pretty tolerant, but let them suffer too long and they'll abandon you in droves." 

Steam's Cities: Skylines Midweek Madness deal is live now through 10am PT/6pm GMT Friday, February 10.