City of Heroes gets invasion in Issue 19: Alpha Strike

City of Heroes

The Praetorian invasion has kicked off in City of Heroes with the arrival of Issue 19: Alpha Strike. The free update will add a series of new missions for level 20 players, as well as new animations for many superpowers and free respec tokens for everyone. Read on for more details.

Issue 19 takes the fight to the city of Praetoria, added in the recent Going Rogue expansion. New characters and zone encounters offer a ton of new missions, and many cosmetic tweaks have been made in the form of a suite of new animations for many of the game's most popular powers. Even more option have also been added to the Mission Architect that lets players create their own missions.

High level players can start improving their powers using the new Incarnate system. Those who have taken the Incarnate quest can then tackle the new super-challenging Task Force missions in Praetoria. On top of all this every player will receive a respec token. If you use it you'll get another one on December 8th, making the Issue 19 update a great opportunity to rebuild old characters. The extensive list of updates can be found over on the City of Heroes site . Here's a trailer outlining many of the new features.

Tom Senior

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