Christmas comes to Rocket League

Rocket League Hockey

Get your snow tires on—winter has fallen across Rocket League, bringing with it the new Snow Day mode and a pile of Christmas gifts.

Snow Day is a 3v3, unranked ice hockey variant that was teased in the Mutator Mashup trailer in October. The ball has been replaced with an oversized puck and the pitch done up to look like some ghastly Santa's Grotto at a high-end mall.

I jumped onto Snow Day for a few games this morning and quizzed the odd player for their take on the festivities. The verdict? Widespread confusion that the ice isn't slippery—as far as I can tell, handling hasn't been affected at all.

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On the other hand, the puck is a calculated game-changer. Those large flat sides cause it to hug the walls instead of bouncing back, and with enough force it can surf the full length of the boundary. Stay defensive, and if you haven't learned to play off the wall yet, Snow Day will fix that. It feels like a more considered expansion than the unpredictable Mutator Mashup.

Plus there are prezzies: antlers, antennas, santa hats, christmas trees, and my personal favourite, the tartan rocket trail. Collectors be warned: these will only unlock until January 4.