Check out this incredible Frost Lich Jaina cosplay

We don't post about cosplay very often, but this build of Frost Lich Jaina from Narga Aoki cosplay is so incredible it deserves recognition. Working in collaboration with Blizzard, Aoki's cosplay celebrates the Death Knight variant of Jaina Proudmoore, the mage hero character who turns to the dark side in the prologue of Hearthstone's new Knights of the Frozen Throne adventure.

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Aoki's cosplay begins with Jaina's traditional mage raiments, but turns dark and sinister upon being corrupted by a Death Knight Runeblade. As the dark power takes hold, Aoki's Jaina embraces the Frost Lich mantle in a manner befitting the card's Elemental Lifestealing effects. Check it out:

For more information, be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes photo shoot and making-of videos below.

Bo Moore

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