Check out the stealthy ship coming in EVE: Valkyrie's massive update that removes VR exclusivity

On September 26, EVE: Valkyrie is launching a massive update called Warzone that, in addition to sweeping changes to the core game, will also let those without VR headsets play. Ahead of that launch, CCP Games has given us a sneak peak at the new ship class that it's been teasing for a few months. Covert class ships are stealthy glass cannons that can vanish from sight thanks to a handy cloaking device. For a more granular look at their abilities and playstyles, check out this video above.

The Shadow, the first and only Covert class ship coming in Warzone, boasts a plasma beam that can be fired in bursts of four or charged up for one heavy blast. The ship also offers some cool utility by being able to mark enemy vessels, increasing the damage they receive from the Shadow and its teammates. 

The Warzone update also includes new ultra abilities that players charge up during the course of a match (Overwatch, anyone?). The Shadow can deploy a devastating Violent Whisper bomb. It takes a few seconds to detonate, but anyone caught in the blast will be immediately vaporized. The video provides some cool ideas for how to use these abilities in conjunction with the Shadow's cloak, as the ship doesn't have much in the way of armor or shields. 

When Warzone launches tomorrow, old players will find sweeping changes to the progression system and ship classes. CCP says that every class has been reimagined and some ships won't be very recognizable to veterans. Likewise, every ship is now immediately available to players so they can more easily find a playstyle that suits them rather than grind through unlocks first. In addition to that, many of Valkyrie's systems, like crafting and its microtransaction economy, have also been retooled for the new update. Oh, and there's two new maps as well.

That's a lot of changes, but this devblog from CCP offers more detail. The ever-intrepid Andy Kelly is going to be jumping in tomorrow to give the new update a whirl and tell us his thoughts.  But, as someone who enjoys Valkyrie quite a bit, moving away from VR exclusivity should hopefully grow the community.

The Warzone update launches tomorrow and is free for existing players, new players can pick up Valkyrie (and Warzone) for $40/£30.

Steven Messner

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