Check out the sleek explosion-powered platforming of cyberpunk action game Black Future '88

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Black Future '88 is speaking my language. According to developer SuperScarySnakes, it's a brutal and "extremely juicy" 2D cyberpunk action game with "explosion-based platforming" and a synth-fueled soundtrack. True to its word, it's got everything a good cyberpunk setting needs: gratuitous neon, sharp lighting, detailed backgrounds and a bunch of lasers. 

It's got a doozy of a twist, too. Black Future '88 tasks you and, optionally, a buddy with climbing a tower and killing its owner—and doing it within 18 minutes to stop your heart from exploding. It's a natural hook for its twitch-based action, not to mention catnip to speedrunners.  

Neat-looking resource and upgrade systems underlie Black Future's chaos, and there's a remarkable variety of effects on display. One-bit explosions, streaking lasers, crackling lightning and cloying fog make for a colorful maelstrom of light that seems a perfect fit for its hectic fights. I'm hungry for more, and look forward to trying Black Future myself when it releases mid-2018.  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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