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Chaos Reborn enters final week of Kickstarter, releases demo for all

Tactical game-wizard Julian Gollop wants to recreate Chaos , the tactical game about wizards. To do so, the X-Com creator has summoned up a Kickstarter, asking for $180,000 of crowdfunded support. That Kickstarter is now in its final week, and with only $135,000 raised, Chaos Reborn's chances are uncertain. So how do you secure some last-minute interest in a game? You let people play it .

The prototype for Chaos Reborn is now open to the public. You can play the multiplayer demo right now, in your browser, by clicking on these words . Is it worth trying? I'm not yet sure, having spent the last few minutes queueing for a game. The ulterior motive of this post then: bumping up the numbers so I can give it a go.

The demo does clearly state that this is a rough and early prototype. "Graphics, UI and animation are placeholder," the intro page states, "so judge it by the fun, not the bling." To see how to play, head over to the game's guide , and if you're persuaded to throw some money Gollop's way, the Kickstarter page is here .

Thanks, PCGamesN .

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