Cellar Door could start working on Rogue Legacy sequel in the next two years

Cellar Door, the developer behind the excellent Rogue Legacy , has already started working on its next project. The team's not ready to say anything concrete about it yet, but it's notoriously against working within the same genre twice. Does that mean we won't see a Rogue Legacy 2? A recent interview indicates that the game's creators might just make an exception.

The developer's next game, which it started working on in early March, likely won't play at all like Rogue Legacy, a platformer "rogue-lite" with imspiration from Demon's Souls and Castlevania. However, Cellar Door said that it does want to make an exception for Rogue Legacy, and that it will probably start working on the sequel in the next two years.

“We do want to make it, we just didn't want to jump on it straight away,” co-creator and lead programmer Kenny Lee told Edge . “We'll most likely hire another programmer when we do. It took us about a year and a half to make the first game, so we could get Rogue Legacy 2 in development in the next two years.”

For more on Rogue Legacy, check out our interview with Teddy Lee , Kenny's brother and co-creator at Cellar Door.