Cayde-6 returns in Destiny 2: The Final Shape, Nathan Fillion reprising role

Destiny 2: The Final Shape will finally end its current, long-running story arc, but will also see the return of a friendly face. Cayde-6 lives. 

Or, at least, Cayde-6 appears in the expansion—technical aliveness to be determined. Bungie killed off the fan-favorite robot in 2018 expansion Forsaken, but a teaser shown during today's PlayStation Showcase (embedded above) sees Cayde catching up on current events from "wherever the hell here is"—inside the Traveler, our resident Destinyhead informs me. Bungie also confirmed in a blog post that actor Nathan Fillion is reprising the role for The Final Saga.

Actually, Bungie doesn't just say that Fillion is back for the expansion, but that he's returned to play Cayde in the "Destiny Universe," which may refer to Bungie's TV and movie ambitions

There's nothing more to say about that, but regarding The Final Shape, we'll learn more on August 22, when Bungie will spill more details during a big Destiny 2 Showcase livestream.

Fans aren't convinced that Cayde is genuinely alive, but the reaction in the Destiny 2 subreddit is broadly positive. "DAD CAME BACK FROM THE STORE WITH MILK AND CIGARETTES LET'S FUCKING GO," as user Left4Bread2 put it.

Tyler Wilde
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