Cause tourist town havoc in Infinite Crisis' new map

There's just something about seaside resort hotels, gently swaying palm trees, and fruity cocktails in coconut-shell vessels that draws gamers in for a bit of escapism and relaxation. Oh, and also causing a ruckus and inciting panic amongst the few remaining tourists in town. Infinite Crisis is the latest to join the tropical madness conga line, with DC Comics superheroes flooding its new map Coast City.

Coast City, home to numerous seafood restaurants and a now-abandoned amusement park, is a two-lane deal dotted with defensive turrets, with a large inner area referred to ominously as "The Wastes." The two superhero teams will tussle over the Doomsday Device in the dead center of the map. It's now playable for those in the Infinite Crisis beta, which recently earned itself a place in MLG's competitive gaming lineup. Want to sip cocktails by the pool between rounds of beating Bats in the face? Sign up for a chance at getting into the closed beta, if you haven't already.