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Card Hunter heading to Steam, with new expansion and co-op

Card Hunter Steam

One of our Games of the Year (2013) is heading to Steam, alongside a new expansion inspired by A.I.-jerk classic System Shock. Until now, you could only play D&D-style collectible card game Card Hunter in your browser, but later this month you'll finally be able to close that pinned tab, and add the game to your Steam library instead.

Developers Blue Manchu Games are embiggening their game with a new expansion, Expedition to the Sky Citadel, that introduces a new computerised Game Master named Cardotron 2000. Reassuringly, the devs say that "Cardotron 2000 is guaranteed 100% bug free and will definitely, never ever, lose its mind and raise an army of mutants and rebellious robots, as Shodan did in System Shock 2. It is pure coincidence that [Blue Manchu founder and designer] Jonathan Chey, as a co-founder of Irrational Games, played a key role in breathing life into Shodan 15 years ago".

If you're not too bothered about the Steam version, you'll be pleased to hear that EttSC will be heading to the browser version too, alongside the new co-op mode that's just been added to the game. Yes, that's right: Card Hunter's formerly single-player-only campaign is now playable with chums.

And a good thing too, as our glowing review ended with the following words. "If Blue Manchu can figure a way to get co-op into this thing, they might just have the best board game without a board of the decade on their hands."