Carbine's new MMO set in a "future fantasy" world

Carbine's mysterious mystery MMO of mystery!

Carbine have been teasing their upcoming MMO reveal at Gamescom with a new blog post from art director, Matt Mocarski. He reveals the MMO will have an "illustrated look" inspired by Japanese animated films like Princess Mononoke, and will be set in a "future fantasy" world with magical and technological elements. Carbine have also thrown up a still from the upcoming Gamescom reveal trailer.

Mocarski runs through some of the influences behind the game's visual design. "Animated films such as Atlantis, The Secret of Nimh, and Princess Mononoke really nailed the overall look of the style," he writes. "We know that our game was for adults so we studied shows like Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist to see how they balanced a unique visual style with stories that had both humor and drama. Lastly we looked at comics such as Hellboy, Battle Chasers, and Tank Girl to influence our balance of technology and fantasy."

"We decided it would be an exciting challenge to pull off an illustrated look both technically and artistically," he adds, saying "We believe our art style has an element that is missing from a lot of games on the market, and that's a sense of fun. I love looking at our art. It tells a story. It screams 'Come out and play!'"

Here's the screenshot of the upcoming Gamescom trailer. It's a teaser image of a teaser video, which makes it teasier than an especially chocolatey Malteaser, but oooh look at all the colours! For more on the game, read exclusive details in our upcoming preview in the next issue of PC Gamer UK.

Tom Senior

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