Capcom wants to know what Resident Evil remake you want next

Cover art for Resident Evil Code Veronica.
(Image credit: Capcom)

Capcom's got a pitch for you: What if it remade some Resident Evil games? A recent Resident Evil brand survey posted online by the company is filled with all the questions you'd expect. Capcom wants to know your age, how long you've been playing RE games, and whether you'd like to connect more with other RE fans (a potential answer to which is the very funny "Couldn't be further from the truth"), but right at the end it has one last request: "Let us know if there are any other Resident Evil games you want remade".

You might think Capcom would give you a few different options to check off—the games it's already considering remaking internally—but instead, all it gives you is a blank textbox to fill in with whatever you want. So hey, you can finally mount that campaign to have the studio remake Bio Hazard Zombie Shooter, a 2001 mobile game, in blistering 4K.

We all know what people are really going to be writing in there, though. If Resident Evil: Code Veronica isn't far and away the most popular user-submitted answer to this question, I'll be stunned. 

Having now remade RE2 through RE4 (and having already remade RE1 eons ago), Capcom's run out of old entries in the mainline series that people actually want to play again, but Code Veronica—a side-game originally made for the Dreamcast—is still deeply beloved. It's had a few console updates and remasters, but no full remake and no PC port, for that matter. Given that fans have been agitating for a remake for ages, I think it'll gain by far the most votes in Capcom's survey. Of course, whether the company decides to do anything about it is another question.

I wouldn't be surprised if it did, though. Remaking beloved Resident Evils has become quite a lucrative gig for Capcom in recent years. The Resident Evil 4 remake hit three million sales in two days. For reference, it took the original RE4 a full year to sell that many. No wonder Capcom just had its best year ever.

Joshua Wolens
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