Capcom teases ‘Project Palm’ which might be Dragon’s Dogma-related

It sure took its sweet time, but 2012’s console action RPG Dragon’s Dogma finally landed on PC earlier this year. Without obvious warning, developer Capcom has now launched a teaser site for a new game—currently named Project Palm— that’s written almost entirely in Japanese and makes mention of August 2, 2016. This is probably when we’ll learn more. With the few clues we’ve got right now, the internet reckons it’s related to Dragon’s Dogma. 

Those of you familiar with the original will recall the glowing scars many characters boasted on the palms of their hands—much similar to the header image featured on the Project Palm site. The folks at NeoGaf reckon this heralds a sequel to Dragon’s Dogma, or at the very least another series entry.   

The site also features a profile and coinciding video starring one of the game’s voice actors, detailing his previous work. I unfortunately can’t speak Japanese, so I can't say if there's any useful information in there. I will however leave this here on the off-chance one of you guys can:

Anyway, if Project Palm does turn out to be a Dragon's Dogma follow-up, the warm reception Arisen received earlier this year hopefully means it won't take quite as long to arrive on PC this time round. 

I guess we'll find out more this Tuesday, August 2.