Camp Keepalive releases today, is pretty much Friday the 13th in turn-based strategy form

Summer might be coming to an end, but there's still time to indulge in that most traditional of holiday pastimes: getting chopped up by a supernatural psycho who's basically a homing missile for promiscuous American teenagers. 80s-horror-inspired turn-based strategy Camp Keepalive had a demo release back in February , and today the full thing has launched on Desura . As a quartet of counselors, you have to defend your campers from a pack of murderous monsters, including clowns, wolfmen, and Jason Voorhees-a-likes.

The trailer, below, should give you a good idea what to expect, while the demo is still available on the site should you find your interest piqued. Camp Keepalive will set you back £6.49, and features "twenty levels, eight counselors each with special abilities, and a free-play 'Keepalive' level".

Tom Sykes

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