How to find the secret room in the Call of Duty: WWII Zombies tutorial

Serving as the prologue tutorial for WWII Zombies, Gröesten Haus is a simple two-story family abode that teaches the importance of constant movement and the unexpected angles of zombie intrusion. Like all standard German homes of the 1940s, it comes furnished with a secret Mystery Box which exchanges 1,000 of your Jolts to bestow a randomized weapon useful for bulking up your arsenal.

There are ten lanterns around the map you need to shoot in order to open the door to the Mystery Box. You’ll hear a raven’s cry and see a soft purple light briefly flash within the lantern glass indicating its successful activation. There's no particular order to dinging all the lanterns; the route listed below takes you around the house in a roughly circular pattern that aids in evading chasing zombies while you hunt for lanterns. Make sure to turn and mow down your pursuers if they get too close, and don’t forget the shovel!

1. From the MP40 weapon locker, turn left to catch the first lantern dangling from a wood post at the base of the stairs.

2. While still at the bottom of the stairs, peek outside the partially boarded up window to see another lantern catching some moonlight atop a truck’s engine hood.

3. Head upstairs and spot the next lantern beside a piano and wooden shelf. (If you sped past the toy rocking horse, you’ve gone too far and should turn back.) This lantern is the closest to the actual hidden room you’ll soon unlock.

4. At the other end of the upper floor hallway rests the fourth lantern upon a chair keeping the Geistchild armor station company.

5. Kitty corner from the Geistchild station is a desk with two bottles and assorted books strewn across its top. The fifth lantern does a poor job trying to blend in.

6. Return to the ground floor via the nearby stairs, and you won’t miss the sixth lantern hanging from a hook on the right side of the stairway.

7. Wrap around to the right and into the kitchen area where the seventh lantern hangs above a well-lit dining table.

8. Turn to the left and peer through the broken window into the chilly night for the eighth lantern perched atop a metal pullcart on the left side. 

9. Head back to the downstairs living area with the MP40 locker. Bullseye lantern nine hanging against a wood post next to a kitchenware-laden table in the center of the room.

10. Clamber upstairs once more, and shoot the final lantern hanging above the second floor railing. (It’s across from the third lantern you shot beside the piano). 

The nearby white clapboard door will swing open to finally reveal the hidden room and the Mystery Box within to pour your Jolts into. 

Omri Petitte

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