Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's missing maps will return with 'a bit more love'

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season 4 - Captain Price
(Image credit: Activision, Infinity Ward)

After two weeks of silence on the surprise addition, and subsequent removal, of two new maps for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward has finally explained that the 2019 shooter will still be getting the new maps—they just arrived a little earlier than intended.

Al-Raab Airbase and Drainage quietly arrived alongside fan-favourite classic Killhouse in late March. But while the latter got its own playlist and a slot in the matchmaking rotation, the others were restricted to private, custom games, signalling something wasn't quite right. That'd be proved right a week later when the two maps were unceremoniously pulled from the game.

Activision and Infinity Ward were both silent during this process. Indeed, Modern Warfare has largely been left in the dark since the new year, which is why the sudden addition of three new maps raised so many eyebrows. But Infinity Ward finally broke its silent last night, explaining that the new maps are still coming—they just weren't quite ready for release.

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Premature launches seem to be something of a trend for Call Of Duty lately. Warzone's nukes began to drop weeks ahead of the game's planned nuclear armageddon, while a nifty new crossbow was accidentally dropped early in both Warzone and Black Ops – Cold War.

Still, it's good to see new maps still coming to Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward has largely left the game behind to presumably work on 2022's Call Of Duty. This year, however, Sledgehammer Games is reportedly bringing the series back to World War 2.

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