Call of Duty Elite might not make it to PC

Call of Duty Elite thumb

Remember the Call of Duty social network, matchmaking and stat-tracking service, Call of Duty Elite ? The one that was available on Xbox and PS3 at Modern Warfare 3's launch? The one that Activision described as a "necessity" for games? It might not make it to PC.

Beachhead Studio head Chacko Sonny implied that we were getting it a few weeks ago, abeit later than the console kids: “We're as committed as ever to the PC, but the need to ensure a safe PC environment is greater than ever,” he said. “It's really extensive. We need more time to get there, so Elite on PC will not launch on Day 1. We're working our butts off to make it happen, but we won't release it until we know that PC gamers can enjoy Elite as it's meant to be.”

It seems the situation has changed. As Eurogamer spotted on the official Call of Duty Elite Twitter feed, we might not be getting the service at all. EVER.

"We are working towards a universal Elite experience but we cannot guarantee if or when a version will be available for the PC," read a tweet posted a few hours ago. The "if" makes me suspicious.

Call of Duty Elite's console launch has been plagued with technical issues and users have even been given 30 days free use of the service to compensate. We were told that the PC version of Elite wouldn't require a subscription fee . We were also told that we'd be testing it around now . And that it would eventually get released on PC, hence all the coverage . I don't know who to believe any more.