How to get the poison cabinet code in Call of Duty: Cold War

Cod: Cold War poison cabinet code
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What's the CoD: Cold War poison cabinet code? There's a poisonous concoction sealed inside a cabinet in the Desperate Measures mission, but you need a six-digit code to gain access to its contents. The combination isn't difficult to source, but you can unlock the cabinet without having to hunt around for clues if you want to focus on the main objective.

If you're searching for unscrupulous means of handling a tricky situation, then it's about time we add a little vial of poison to your inventory. Let's cover how to get the Call of Duty: Cold War poison cabinet code, where you can find the relevant items needed to solve the puzzle, and what you can expect to find locked away behind those tiny bars.

How to find the CoD: Cold War poison cabinet code

If you're eager to breeze through this quickly, the Call of Duty: Cold War poison cabinet code is: 167560.

Just like the Call of Duty: Cold War safe house code, this puzzle has a fixed solution, so there's no need to hunt for the related evidence if you don't want to. However, if you'd like to know where the clues were, here's what you need to know.

Take a peek at Kravchenko's computer

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Interact with Kravchenko's computer and read the Nova 6 Entry 2 journal entry. Skimming it, you should notice that some of the text is highlighted in orange. It just so happens that the chemicals that make up the Nova-6 poison in the locked cabinet cause horrible symptoms, including coughing, nausea, vomiting, and suffocation.

The page lists three chemicals:

  • S: Sulfur
  • Re: Rhenium
  • Nd: Neodymium

Now turn around and take a closer look at the periodic table on the wall. Find each of the elements on the table, and note down the corresponding numbers for each. Once you've found each one, you'll find that your answers are as follows: S (Sulphur) is 16, Re (Rhenium) is 75, and Nd (Neodymium) is 60.

All that's left to do is walk over to the Cold War poison cabinet and enter the combination to grab the Nova-6 Poison. It's your decision whether you actually use this deadly substance, or not. Maybe it can be used to acquire the bunker key you're looking for, but don't let me sway you. Enjoy the rest of the mission, and stay on the lookout for more Call of Duty: Cold War evidence as there's an item in this chapter that's vital for narrowing down who the Call of Duty: Cold War Operation Red Circus suspects are.

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