Call of Duty: Black Ops patch fixes theatre mode, improves stability

Call of Duty Black Ops

Just this morning Treyarch were discussing their commitment to squashing bugs in Call of Duty: Black Ops. A new patch for the game has been released fixing the theatre mode problems caused by the last patch. There are also optimisation upgrades that will let the game run 16x AA mode, and more fixes to further improve the game's stability and performance in multiplayer matches. Read on for the notes.

The patch notes were listed on Steam , and will be applied the next time you boot up the game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Multiplayer fixes

  • Backward compatibility for films created before Patch 1.05

  • Issues with weapon purchases after prestiging in some cases

  • Leaving a server and joining a different server, could briefly show the Map of the previous server

  • Duplicate player name on a server now becomes playername+slotnumber instead of 'Unknown Soldier'

  • During a 'Demolition' match, the 'Auto-balancing teams' options may cause a 'Defender' player to respawn with a 'Bomb' icon in his inventory

  • Minor Shader Warming speed increase

  • One In The Chamber no longer counts democlient as a live player

  • 16x AA menu option for compatible graphics cards

  • Additional Stability improvements

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